Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Time!

Hi all! The Dockery's sure are enjoying summer! We have spent everyday in the pool, soaking up the sun! We are so glad that Lilly loves the pool as much as the rest of us do, maybe even a little more! She loves jumping in, and says Eee, Arrr, Sunnn, T-yao....Which is 1, 2, 3 JUMP!

We have also enjoyed Landons baseball games. Lilly loves going and cheering on her big brother. Lauren and Landon both have been so good with Lilly. She adores them! We are starting to look forward to a possible vacation to the beach. I can't imagine what she will think about that! Much love to you all!

Friday, June 12, 2009

One month!

Its now been one month since we have had our sweet girl. There have been so many trials and challenges, along with rewards and happiness in this past month. So many people have prayed so many prayers for us all, that it humbles me beyond belief. I know none of this would have been possible with out God, and so many great Christian friends praying.

I am happy to report that Lilly is doing well. She seems happy (most of the time). The tantrums have diminished mostly. We took her to the doctor yesterday, and she got a clean bill of health. We are scheduled to take her in for "blood work" (YIKES) soon. I doubt that will go well, but its one of those things as a parent that you have to do, but dread.

We are so blessed to have this sweet girl in our family. I can not imagine life without her, and it scares me beyond belief to think we could have missed out on being her parents. She is such a precious little thing. I am amazed by how well she fits into our family.

We have been taking Lilly out more, and she seems to be getting better with it. Hopefully (fingers crossed) we can take her to church on Sunday. I know everyone really wants to see her, and we are wanting to see them too!

We can not began to thank everyone who has helped us emotionally, financially, and spiritually. You will never truly know the magnitude of how grateful we are. Thank you God for this beautiful gift you have entrusted to us!

PS: Yes, she fixes her own hair. : )

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Today I am going to a retirement party for my Mom. After 30 years of teaching 6th grade, she is finally retiring! What a huge accomplishment. There are so many children's lives that she has touched in those years. Many people have told me over the years what a good teacher she is, and how they have appreciated her dedication. I can honestly say that she has been an inspiration to me as well! She has been so dedicated to children and teaching. So the picture I posted today is my Mom and Lilly. On to being a full time Nana now! I love you Mom!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Sorry for the delay in updating. I have misplaced my camera cord some how. Or maybe a certain 5 year old camera addict took it. : ) We are trying to adjust. In most areas Lilly is doing better than I ever thought she would. In other areas, we need work. It will all take time. Its only been a little over a week since we have returned home, so I think everything is going okay. We have had a few outings and we are trying to gradually work our way up to being out and about more. She is afraid of the car, so we are trying to take it slow. In someways we have regressed since returning home, and in some ways we have progressed. She is back to sleeping with us. She was crying so hard at night and there is less of that now that we moved her back into our room. She gets very upset when Lauren or Baba leave the house. In so many ways its like having a baby, since we can't communicate sometimes. I think once she is able to communicate there will be less tantrums.

Lilly loves so many things about living in her new home. She is crazy about her sister, and brother. She adores our dog Macy, and loves her wagon (compliments of Aunt Lynn), visitors, her DVD player, NOGGIN, crayons (they do not sell them in China), cell phones, her Barbie bike, new clothes, American food, ketchup, and all her new toys!

Overall we are doing fine. Its been harder in someways than we had anticipated, and much more rewarding that we have ever dreamed! We appreciate your prayers as we try to blend her personality and ours together to become a family. Now where is that camera cord!