Saturday, February 27, 2010

Adoption and God

I ran across this post on a fellow bloggers site. I hope the words touch you as strongly as they have me. She said beautifully everything that I feel in my heart.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

9 months home...Too good to be true.

WOW! Nine months home. Where has the time gone? Its funny because in one way it seems that Lilly has been here forever, and in another way it seems like just yesterday we were preparing to leave for China. Nine. Short. Months. Everything has changed for this little girl, for the best, but still EVERYTHING has changed. As a preschool teacher for many years, I would notice children who started to show signs that something was different at home. Relatives in town? Mom and Dad fighting? A different schedule? All of these little things can send a child all out of whack. Yet with Lilly it is not one of these small things that have changed for her, its everything, there is not one part of her life that is the same as it was nine months ago. I remember this time last year questioning how all of these changes would work out for her. Was I doing the right thing? In the end, I knew I was, this girl deserved a family to love her forever. Although change hurts, sometimes we have to experience it to move on to better things. My daughter amazes me! Who has that sort of resilience? My girl does.

I can honestly say that I feel we have come full circle in nine months. Attachment and bonding are great. No sensory problems. Behavior is wonderful 99.9% of the time. She is excelling in preschool. She is genuinely happy, mostly all the time. That is the one thing that people keep telling me....she is so happy! Actually I keep reading more and more books to see if I can find something I am missing. It really can not be this good, this fast? But it is, and of course we have all worked hard to get to the point we are at now, although it has not really seemed like work, just more like being open to meeting Lilly where she was emotionally, and taking baby steps together.

If you are reading my blog as a first timer, I will gladly help any way I can if you are considering adopting an older child, or adopting in general. You can contact me through the CONTACT US button on the side of the blog. I really can not put in to words what a blessing this adoption has been for our family, such a wonderful blessing that I want everyone to experience what we have experienced. I didn't have it all figured out before adopting Lilly, I walked in faith, and kept walking. It has been a beautiful journey, to a beautiful little girl!

Happy Nine Months home Lilly Yin, and forever to go!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snow day!!!

Lilly was sure excited to wake up and see all the snow on the ground! She was even more excited when we bundled up and went out for some sledding. She says she has never played in the snow before. I explained to her on snow days, we play in the snow, and stay around in warm pajamas all day by the fireplace. She liked that....and now she wants everyday to be a snow day! It is not often that we get snow around here, so I doubt we will get anymore. It was fun while it lasted!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Long time coming...

Sorry guys...I know it has been awhile. So much has been going on, and nothing at the same time. Lilly is doing sooo well.

God is so good! Life is so good! Just a couple of years ago I was so depressed and down, wondering how all of these dreams to adopt would play out. I knew God was in it, and I knew my daughter was in China, but I also knew referrals were moving at a snails pace. I was in a valley, and I did not see the way out, and there were mountains surrounding me. My job was horrible, Matthew was working ALL the time, two jobs, the house was a mess, we had no money and I felt my life was chaos. I look back at that dark time in my life today, and reflect. God is so wonderful and always on time. Today as I write, my husband only works one job which allows him more time with us. Lilly is here and doing well. I have been able to stay home with her, and spend more time with my other two, I am genuinely happy. The house is still a mess...but most of that mess is caused my one of the greatest blessing I have ever received. Money is still tight, but we are keeping our head above water. I am completely humbled by these miracles. Our life is not perfect, we have challenges, but I feel as if I am on top of the mountain looking out at all the wonderful possibilities that await for each of us. I say all that for this reason. If you are in the valley in your life...keep praying, keep pressing on, never lose hope, and never doubt that God is right there with you. He is always on time. Even when we do not realize it. The path is not always easy, the road is not always straight...but press on. If I would not have I would have missed the opportunity to be a Mommy to this precious girl. I cherish everyday with her, because I know I could have easily missed it. We could have given up our adoption dream, we could have said No. We could have missed her hugs, laughter, joy,and sense of humor. Thank God we didn't. This is a verse that helped me many times when I was waiting, and my life was not at all where I wanted it to be.

Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

I clung to this verse during that time. I knew God had a plan, but it was hard to trust him completely. But now I see I HAD to wait...I had to wait to get her..not just any her, my her, my daughter. When I look into those beautiful brown eyes, I know we could have missed it all.