Thursday, October 6, 2011

She's in love....

It's no big secret that Lilly loves animals. All animals. Dogs, cats, even pigs. But she loves horses. Loves them. So today I surprised her with a riding lesson. I found out about a little farm tucked away in our community, and the owner gives lessons. How fun! Right down my girls alley!

Miss Lisa taught her how to brush the horse and put on the saddle.

Then she got to ride and showed her how to guide the horse. They even did some tricks.

The horse was so sweet. His name was Moonshine and he had pink shoes.

Link had fun watching. He wasn't sure about the horses. Or the dogs.

But Lilly sure had fun. She did not want to leave. I am sure we will be back. She is already asking about next time.


Jerry Jones said...

Hey guys. Thanks for stopping by thecultureblend. I've enjoyed checking out your blog. Lilly is awesome. Look forward to reading more.